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Meet the Property Partners!

Carl and Alex work together to get you the exactly what you want at a price that works for your budget!  Our mission is to exceed your expectations EVERY time.

Real Estate can be a significant factor in establishing independence and a solid retirement income.  We help you create a five and ten year wealth plan to establish equity in Real Estate and an ongoing monthly cash flow.  We provide consultation in how to establish a proper business entity i.e., Realty Trust, LLC etc.  and we can provide an introduction to the necessary professionals to round out your Real Estate investment team including accounting professional(s) to establish proper accounting practices to leverage the most out your investment activities, and the best attorneys in the field of Real Estate Investing with specialties in the area of expertise that is needed.

Our MA and NH Real Estate Investment Services include:

  • “Flipping” houses 
  • Establishing a proper budget
  • Locating properties and determining which is the best property for you
  • Purchase of property
  • Renovation of property
  • Staging for property resale to get top price
  • Management as a rental property

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